Saturday, July 26, 2014

To Infinity and Beyond!!

No, I'm not talking about Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. I'm talking about how your students could potentially write this year! They could write...

Let me fill you in.

I just want to let you know that this was MINIMAL prep for me as the teacher! All I had to do was decide which prompts I wanted my students to use, print and hole punch the pages, and put them in a three-ring binder.

Each child gets his/her own binder. Here is an example of what the journal pages look like:

It looks like any other journal page, right? 

Not quite... This next photo shows Superhero Writing in the process and it has all of the components of great kindergarten writing!

1. Students write their name (I know... that one is pretty obvious.)

2. Students write the digital date. I love it when I can incorporate a little bit of calendar into our daily activities!

3. Students self-evaluate. Students can color in THEIR OWN checkmarks to evaluate their work against the Superhero Writing rubric. Each check mark colored signals a different component of writing that they have mastered! By the end of the year, students are able to see how much they have progressed, or in kindergarten language, how much smarter their brains are!

4. Students use a bookmark. I also included a Post-it as a book-mark, so I do not have to try and explain every week exactly what they page looks like that they should flip to. All the students need to do when they complete a journal page is gently remove the Post-it and stick it on the very next page! Voila! 

My favorite part of this whole resource is the Superhero Spacers to help the kiddos learn to use the correct amount of spacing between words...
They are shaped like a superhero flying to the rescue. I talked about them briefly here.

I also love it that students can get their own version of the Superhero Writing rubric. We have a community container for our student rubrics. I know you can relate all too well:
This scenario often plays out in our classroom....

"Mrs. B!!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE STOLE MY (insert school supply here)!"

Community containers alleviate that issue just a tad.

Here is the student version of the Superhero Writing Rubric, which is a shorthand version of our classroom rubric:

I like it that the students can just look at the picture cues and discern if they are including each component of the rubric in their writing...

We Can Write to Infinity and Beyond has oh, so many journal pages for students to complete. There is at least one journal page per week of the year. The journal pages contain a themed-picture related to the month.

Do you want your students to be a Superhero Writer?
Head on over here to get yours!

It will be FREE for the first 48 hours! Please leave feedback!
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